'Not going well', 2017, ett konstverk av Joakim Blomquist
Not going well, 2017




104 x 156 x 3 cm


52 000 SEK

Invasion. You may think about a takeover of a land by an enemy, or hundreds of ants around the juice you spilled out. Invasion means too much of something, in a place where all this should not be.

In other words, it can be about places on earth that we as humans take over, originally untouched places where we leave our tracks. Temporary or permanent. Traces that eventually disappear, or destroy the aesthetics and not least the environment. Human tracks in nature are often linked to commercialism, industrialism and tourism. How far are we prepared to go to let our dreams come true?
The invasion of the pristine can of course have its positive sides. It creates opportunities for us humans to come closer to nature and be art of its beauty, but it´s always on our own terms. The hard to reach places have become easily accessible.


Size: 156 x 104 cm
Edition: 4 prints
Size: 106 x 70 cm
Edition: 2 prints

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