'Marie Curie’s Waiting Room', 2015, ett konstverk av Jessica Lundeberg
Marie Curie’s Waiting Room, 2015






40 x 57 cm


6 875 SEK

In 2015, thirteen female artists were commissioned to create an artwork to
encourage mammography, based on another woman’s mammogram. Lundeberg
was assigned the then County Governor of Gotland, Cecilia Schelin Seidegård’s
mammogram, and placed her in the painting Marie Curie’s Waiting Room.
Seidegård is waiting for her breast screening, along with Queen Silvia and
Hollywood stars, including Sophia Loren and Anita Ekberg, directly from Fontana
di Trevi. The Antwerp Madonna, also known as the Melun diptych of the Virgin and
Child, is sitting on a chair. The collage attracts the eye to the breast, how it has
changed throughout the ages and, depending on the context, from having been
regarded as religious symbols to being considered as sexually charged. The
artwork draws attention to the fact that we all, whoever we are, share
life-changing issues. Despite the serious subject, Lundeberg manages to convey
a tinge of humour, when it is most needed. Not least through features such as a
picture of the Milky Way placed above the sofa.

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