Ignavus Auspex - pexels_photo_248313, 2019




80 x 80 x 2 cm


25 000 SEK

Ignavus Auspex - pexels_photo_248313
Inkjetprint on Hahnemühle Photo Rag 308 gram.
Framed with walnut and museum glas.
Signed a tergo. (1+AP)
Price includes frame.

The titel Ignavus Auspex is Latin for lazy birdwatcher. In recent years I have focused on creating photographic content purely by using digital tools and complex algorithms within various image editing programs. These programs has become so powerful and advanced that they open up a broad array of possibilities to mimic pixels based on photographic content.

At first glance the images in Ignavus Auspex look like ordinary depictions of birds in their natural habitat but on a closer look one notice that the surrounding does not really make any sense.
The original images comes from ornithologist websites, its the kind of generic picture used to describe a specific species. With a special algorithm I have analysed the image and sampled it´s content – creating a larger but artificial landscape.

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