'Everything I Think About When I Work', 2018, ett konstverk av Benedetta Crippa
Everything I Think About When I Work, 2018





Gouache, Acrylic

42 x 60 cm


11 200 SEK

The work is a unique gouache painting on paper, spread no.18 of the artist's book in unique copy “World of Desire” and example of the visual language developed by the artist during the making of the book.

Composed of 19 spreads in A2 format written and painted by hand, “World of Desire” explores ideas around visual democracy, the cultural value of decoration, the politics of drawing as well as ways in which emotion, identity and complexity can take form through graphic design. The work references the Italian tradition of artist’s books, alongside folk art and decorative crafts.

“Everything I Think About When I Work” was originally created for the exhibition Artist's Books at Hangmen Gallery, Stockholm (September-October 2018).