' do I see clear ?', 2015, ett konstverk av Irina Lindqvist
do I see clear ?, 2015






23 x 23 cm


1 688 SEK

From exhibition ‘Do I see clear today?’
Introduction text:
The exhibition intends to replicate ourselves and the present that we occupy. ‘Do I see clear?’, or perhaps rather ‘Do I see clear today?’, reflects over our perception of the surroundings and how it changes from one day to another. In the long run – no matter if we want to or not – time helps to see our personal accomplishments and results more clearly.

Artist uses different techniques, some less conventional than others, to illustrate glass and the human body. Irina Lindqvist compares glass, their forms and silhouettes, to people with individuality and own personality. Glass takes on a living and moving form in their works where it reflects over our common human behaviors, as presented in the ‘Study of Discipline’. Glass used is mostly transparent as are our behaviors, which tend often to be more transparent than we think. Overall, we are given a sense of fragility and how easily glass can break – and we are relentlessly reminded about our own fragile mortality.
Text by Eva Lind

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