'Cornelia´s Treasures / Il Dolce Far Niente', 2017, ett konstverk av Dorina Mocan
Cornelia´s Treasures / Il Dolce Far Niente, 2017






173 x 200 cm


Kontakta för pris

Cornelia's Treasures" / Il Dolce Far Niente is displayed at the biannual Portrait competition & exhibition "Portrait Now!" 2019 at the Museum of National History, Frederiksborg Castle Denmark 10/5-5/8 2019 and Ljungbergmuseet Sweden 7/9-17/11 2019. Last time, in 2017 I was one of the prizewinners with my painting "Sara and her entourage".

This year, a total of 1.638 submitted works were evaluated by a high profile international jury who selected 128 works for the exhibition.

I saw her from a distance, Cornelia with her red hair shining in the grey November day. That evening I was disappointed, what an exciting subject for a painting.. still I let her pass me... But thank God, just a few weeks later she appeared again, at the same place. And this time, I knew better.. The day she came, my city-studio became the beach close to my country studio. There she sits surrounded by natures treasures and the sweetness of doing nothing " Il Dolce Far Niente".

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