Connection. Synapses paired with Prayer, 2018






121 x 91 x 4 cm


5 000 USD

This is a pairing of two of my artworks. Some of these are designed to be paired together from the start, regardless, they all can stand alone. Other times collectors choose two artworks and pair them according to their own tastes and desires. These two were designed as solo works, but they go great together.

The minimalist expression allows for open interpretation and room for the art to breathe. I use bold, bright colors in large format so that the piece becomes a statement piece in any room. The painting adds a bright pop and a strong presence or aura to any room. This work is mysterious and intriguing. Comes framed in an elegant natural wood frame.

A love poem accompanies each piece, written by the artist, and represents an exploration of the inter-relationship between the shapes on the canvas and the story that may be unfolding. The poem comes printed and framed. I also do custom commissions of both artworks and poems.

Connection. Synapses.

This space between us

Doesn’t exist

Jump the divide

The gap

That is the circumstances

In our lives

Here, now

You complete me

The circuitry of us


Lover, pray for me

As I descend into madness

For want of you

This bite of betrayal

Embrace me in your arms

Tell me it's not true

Even if you lie

Transport och andra avgifter kan tillkomma.