Acrylic, Akryl / Acrylic

60 x 60 x 4 cm


8 000 SEK

NOTABLE NAPOLI, by artist Gustaf Tidholm.

Abstract minimalist presentation of different mixed materials and colors painted in pale powder blue.

The expression and surface of the artwork may change depending on the angle you look at it, as well as how the light falls on the painting.

Naples Yellow has been used as a colorant for glass, ceramic tiles, and paint for at least 3500 years. Lead color yellow has been identified in objects from Egyptian, Mesopotamian, Babylonian, Greek, Roman, and Celtic cultures. It was also verry much used in paintings maily between the years 1600 an 1800.

With this art my intention is to show a warm and safe feeling. There is allways different doors and different options and passangers to choose between. Take a step back, reflect over the options you can find out, and try another way in life if needed. Own your own journey.

Acrylic art at stretched canvas. Unframed, but can be framed if the buyer wants.

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