Acrylic, Akryl / Acrylic

100 x 80 x 4 cm


16 000 SEK

Abstract minimalist presentation of different mixed materials and colors painted in mat warm grey.

The expression and surface of the artwork may change depending on the angle you look at it, as well as how the light falls on the painting.

Grey is in color psychology, represents neutrality and balance. Its the shade between white and black.

With this art my intention is to show a calm and soft feeling. If grey would represent the balance between black and the white, its also represent stability.

When you look at this, think about the calmest sence of your own soul. You can shift between the black and white, as too much in either direction, but when you can, stay in between and be proud and satisfied with that position. The choice is yours, stay calm and take control of your own existence. Be greatful to life itself and see it as the grates gift ever, where you can choose to do as you like.

Acrylic art at stretched canvas.

PLEASE OBSERVE: Unframed, but is strongly recomended to be framed. The artwork can be framed before shipping for an additional cost.

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