'Awareness 3.0. Crying the old story out. ', 2019, ett konstverk av Annamaria Johansson
Awareness 3.0. Crying the old story out. , 2019






22 x 35 x 1.8 cm


Kontakta för pris

I know I’m trying not to feel.
For all these years I’ve been pushing the pain away or just pushed it deeper inside of me.
Tried to ignore it.
Pretending it’s gone.
I’m fine thank you, has been my standard answer.
Sometimes I got angry, like real angry, not because a major thing happened. But it was like a wolf wanting to get out of its prison, an uncontrollable wolf that awakened inside of me and wanted to kill.
I believe that’s the pain, trying to speak, trying to come out.
There is no such thing as avoid pain or hurt.
It’s all about working through.
Feeling through.
Releasing through the emotion.
For years and years, I suppressed and oppressed my own feelings.
One day the wolf was too strong, I couldn’t hold him back. I’ve hurt the one I love the most.
We all know hurt people hurt people.
That became my reality.
Now that has broken the relation.
Forever, I guess.
How could I do that?

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