'Air Your Dirty Laundry', 2020, ett konstverk av Hrik
Air Your Dirty Laundry, 2020





15 x 20 cm


Air Your Dirty Laundry is an accident lol. A bastard painting. It was not meant to be. But I love it as much as all my other paintings.
I’m saying this, as I sat down late one night and just went to town with my paints on this small, old painting I had just found at the local junk yard. I intuitively just got going without any plan in mind whatsoever. After being done with the very simple background I experimented a bit with collaging in a face that I had cut up, and then glued back together all wrong. That was the start. Then I had a pile of laundry next to me while I was painting and I was thinking about airing your dirty laundry, revealing your secrets, coming clean about something. Now - I realise that for some people (let’s call them purists), me finding virtually all my painting materials in a junk yard is frowned upon. Worse still - I’m painting over somebody else’s art! Yikes! I, on the other hand, really like this. I like recycling and contributing to a healthier and cleaner planet. And I think if somebody has decided to permanently throw away a piece of art - then that is the death of that art. It’s meant to be destroyed. I’m aware about stories about people finding a Van Gogh in their attic, worth millions of millions, but honestly, those are very rare exceptions. Plus I always try to identify the art I find online. So, I’m totally ok with making them mine! Sometimes I leave a tiny section of the original, as an homage, if it’s something I like (as an example, see “Sig the dotted line”). Also, on top of this, it saves me a tonne of money not buying the same in a store! Also - I really like the patina. There’s a story there. Personality. Character. History.
But I know for some people this might be controversial.
However, I don’t care one bit to be honest.
Instead, I happily Air My Dirty Laundry.
And I feel great about it!

(Measurements excl frame)

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