Alycone, 2020





Akvarell / Watercolour, Pencil

20 x 20 x 1 cm


5 000 SEK

"(Shine bright), Queen who wards off evil [storms]"

Alcyone was the daughter of Aeolus and either Enarete or Aegiale, in Greek mythology. She was the wife of Ceyx, son of Phosphorus. She is the goddess of the sea, but her name defines the moon, peace and tranquility.

Alycone is also a star system;
The main star, Alcyone A, consists of three components, the brightest being a blue-white B-type giant similar to many of the other B-type stars in the Pleiades cluster. It has an apparent magnitude of +2.87 (absolute magnitude = −2.39), and a radius almost ten times that of the Sun.

Mounted on board and framed in a "floating frame"

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