ARCHIPELAGO No.2204, 2022





Acrylic, Akryl / Acrylic

120 x 120 x 4 cm


31 000 SEK



Abstract Expressionism, by artist Gustaf Tidholm.

Nr 2, in the Archipelago serie.

I want these paintings to inspire the viewer and give a feeling of sea, wind, grass, soil, rust, consisting of pale colors and tones that, like at sea, have been bleached by weather and wind and become more beautiful with time.

We also become more beautiful with time, even if we say the opposite. Live life and let life live with you. Aging is a phenomenon that we can choose how we want to relate to, and in addition to the sea and wind making surface layers all the more beautiful over time, the sea also gives a feeling of harmony, and calm, and of course aging also gives a calm and a harmony with time.

I want the colors to give a feeling of early hazy mornings by the sea in the spring before everything wakes up
A mixture of white, brown, umbra, blue, turquoise, and beige colors. Acrylic art at stretched canvas.


100x120 cm
(39x47 in)

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