Sten Eklund

Sten Eklund

In Sten Eklund's art we encounter the machine, technology, and perhaps even the future? Everything depicted with scientific detail and a cold, distant gaze. The future and the technology do not always seem very attractive in Eklund's books. Sten Eklund is perhaps best known for his early work "Kullahusets hemlighet (The Secret of Kullahuset)" which has been called one of Sweden's most remarkable works of art of the 1900s. It follows, in the image and writing, the fictional 19th century botanist JM Paléen, who by chance wanders into an uninhabited, unknown civilization, and with scientific precision tries to capture everything he sees in colored etchings. The work contain many of the themes that came to characterize Eklund's entire oeuvre.

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