Roxana Scraba

Roxana Scraba

Roxana is a passionate Romanian artist, Stockholm based since 2012. She worked for many years as a graphic designer and frontend IT developer and one of her hobbies is painting. Roxana's journey in art started in 2010 and she created more than 100 artworks ever since, mostly acrylic paintings. She is an active member of Vantör Konstförening, one of the oldest art associations in Stockholm. Vantör Konstförening and some other galleries in Old Town Stockholm hosted 14 of her exhibitions. She is using different techniques from painting with my fingers, or scratching with a comb, to using painting knives or stencils, stamps and sprays to bring out on canvas her inner thoughts and share them with the viewers. Roxana is getting inspiration from the nature, from day to day life, from different events or moments that touched her. A sunset near the water, or some trees in a beautiful morning light or even a tv show, might be quite inspirational for her. This creation is about finding happiness in simple and natural things or feelings.

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