Renaud Jerez

Renaud Jerez

Renaud Jerez (*1982, Narbonne, lives in Paris) is one of France most interesting artists active internationally, and produces large-scale alternative worlds he builds from colorful processed material. Often, the site-specific environments contains expectation or an element of performance. Like a cartoon version of “Avatar” with snowboard boots, he creates a futuristic vision or starting point – a sculptural scenario skillfully saturated at an almost factory-like pace. As a starting point this spring, Jerez had the whole corner space on Svetsarvägen clad in green, sort of like an empty intermittant stage – waiting to work as a backdrop for his vivid installation opening on September 16th 2020, together with Tore Wallert in "Finale". Previous exhibitions include the ICA, Miami; Palais de Tokyo, Paris; Jennys, Los Angeles; and Le Consortium, Dijon.

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