Rannva Kunoy

Rannva Kunoy

Rannva Kunoy is aware of the context of her work in the history of painting and the various states and challenges for the medium today. The intellectual basis for Kunoy’s work is direct and clear and gives way to works that carry a teasing and ironic ambiguity, coupled with a slight anarchic and absurdist approach to image making. ​ The paintings have a powerful immaterial quality that seems to make their surface independent of paint and canvas. It is known that the human eye looks for a figure in something recognisable in everything it sees, these paintings take this law and push it to it’s extreme. The work is simultaneously also avoiding the intimation of an object with a deliberate and honed mark making that is as thin and lacking in texture as possible. These paintings are deliberately occupying this uneasy space of opposing extremes, something recognisable yet intangible, physical without being material.

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