Pauline Lindberg

Pauline Lindberg

Pauine Lindberg (fd. Wood) är autodidakt, född (1966) och uppvuxen i New York City. Hon kom till Sverige 1980 och har bott och verkat i Växjö, Stockholm, Göteborg och sedan 2010 i Helsingborg. Pauline’s art (abstract- expressionist) conveys subtle expressions intended to create a sense of travel between the past and the present -where time does not stand still and where there is constant movement in all directions. It is an artistic endeavor to be constantly in motion. Her art is influenced by all things industrial and urban and it questions what lies beneath those smooth-over surfaces. Forms are built up and layers are piled on, then they are altered, erased, re-built, pulled, torn or scratched. The result is to take the viewer on an exploratory journey without a map or ending. Pauline Lindberg opened P.Lindberg Gallery 2019. This is her art studio where she works daily on her own paintings and other mixed media projects and where she collaborates with selected Swedish and international artists for joint exhibitions in the gallery. Visitors will find a wide selection of original and complementary artforms such as ceramics and sculpture to create a special atmosphere. A place where the experience is just as important as the artwork.

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