Patrick Wagner

Patrick Wagner

Patrick Wagner is a real print virtuoso. Not only does he teach printmaking at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Stockholm, he has focused his own oeuvre to a large extent on printmaking. The Graveyard Prints Series is a playful result of Wagner’s research into medieval small format prints. The artist etches tiny skeletons on copper plates, which are then cut up into small shapes, like archaeological digging sites. The skeletons’ poses are referencing old dance of the dead works, where the dead are often depicted in everyday situations, as if still alive. The works are printed with chine-collé technique; colorful, Japanese and Chinese paper is laminated on on the backing paper, often in two layers. These small papers reinforce the shape of the plate and the embossment into the thick European backing paper, and add a layer of colour and lightness, in contrast to the memento more of the skeleton motif.

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