Meta Isaeus-Berlin

Meta Isaeus-Berlin

In the 90s, Meta Isæus-Berlin toured the world to exhibit her installations at biennales and exhibitions. The subject matter was often the home, and the theme circled around being left or being let in, to come home and to leave, being on the way. In the 2000s Isæus-Berlin began exhibiting her paintings, which all the while had been kept private. Today, she works primarily as a painter, but gladly combines installation and painting. The home and having a room of one’s own are still central motifs. Historical art references are mixed with fairytale characters as The seven little dwarfs and Hansel and Gretel. Meta Isæus-Berlin was educated at the University College of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm and the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, graduating in 1993. She is represented in most major Swedish museum collections.

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