Mauro Ricco Zaraj

Mauro Ricco Zaraj

To tell you the truth I didn’t discovered art but art discovered myself. Every artwork reflect hidden potentials about my true self that are about to emerge and become part of my life or some important cosmic events that are about to unfold on the planet earth. My connection with the suns, stars & and the entire cosmos is very deep and my sensitivity allow me to bring on the canvas the energies which I feel in other dimensions sometime from other galaxies. The cosmic inteligence needs somebody to bring empowering messages to humanity so through my unique artistic expresion I can translate the language of “light &love” into formidably envisioned artistic masterpieces. Behind my artworks is a beautifull energy originating from the “Cosmic Mind” which finds a way through my “open heart” and then through my hands and fingers to create astonishing artworks. The final goal is to create artworks which reflects liberating messages & positive vibrations. So by no mean I am alone in this magical endavour. My co-creation partner is this inteligent & most powerfull energy of the Cosmos we call LOVE which I wholeheartedly embrace during each moment of my life. I love to bring together abstract and figurative elements. I love to create moment by moment based on what I receive through my 3rd eye vision & feelings. I love the moments when I reach the last steps of my artworks and remain deeply amazed with the results. I love to combine oil and acrylic colors which are vivid and have shining efects in the same way as when the sun is reflecting its light on the surface of the water. In the process of Artistic Alchemy in my own unique way I am converting (STONES), colors, shapes, figures, symbols and geometrical structures into (DIAMONDS), artistic masterpieces radiating beauty, harmony and perfection.

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