Malou da Cunha Bang

Malou da Cunha Bang

The work of Malou da Cunha Bang investigates the meaning and influence of physical spaces, focusing on the stories that rooms tell and the atmosphere they breathe. The portrayed, primarily in films and prints, are created out of familiar elements that can be recognized and attributed to spaces were we feel safe. These elements are taken out and juxtaposed, to create ambiguous emotional landscapes where the safe becomes unsafe and the familiar becomes uncanny.  Negative acts, the stories behind them and the traces they leave are key interests, covering both the perpetrators of violent crimes, the traces the acts leave in others and in a place as well as the more systemic violence that become sanctioned through the justice system and policy-making. Malou da Cunha Bang graduated with a Master of Fine Arts from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Stockholm in 2016. Her prints portraying the rooms of the justice system were very well received in the graduation exhibition.

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