Magni Borgehed

Magni Borgehed

Magni Borgehed is a painter. Precisely that: a painter. His work explores the possibilities of painting in all conceivable ways. He not only experiments with colour, shape and rhythm, but as much with the materials of painting, working on silk, stone or ceramics, rolling the canvas, stacking the paintings or crumpling them. ”Yet paintings they always remain”, as writer Jan Verwoert has put it: ”But paintings that live their lives among objects in the world. So they meet your eye like you would meet someone in the city, on the street or in a bar. They say hello how do you do and put their designs and forms out there” Magni Borgehed studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Umeå and at Städelschule, Frankfurt. Since his graduation in 2009, he has exhibited in, among others, Malaysia, France, Bulgaria, the US, and the Nordics. 

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