Luke Stettner

Luke Stettner

Employing a range of media, including photography, sculpture, installation and audio tracks, Luke Stettner has perfected an artistic strategy in which the discrete, minimal and formal complement the tension of the content he deals with in his work. Each piece he makes thus becomes a silent carrier: an object to be approached with caution and care, in order to understand its real scope as a constrained and evocatively disconcerting form. An acute observer of American Minimalism, but also an artist of great emotional participation, Stettner’s works manage to escape precise classification, creating a space of permanent instability. His personal biography alternates with narrative fragments , tracing a path sprinkled with visual geometry and great emotional impact. Fore and Aft NY Skyline, May 1st, 1938is a mirror-structure that reflects the black-and-white image of American coastlines as they were captured by the artist’s grandfather when he arrived in the New World as an emigrant from Europe. Untitled is a block of plexiglas in which a looped tape recording endlessly repeats the final word uttered by the artist’s father before he died. Similarly, Nesting Plates is a funerary urn consisting of stacked plastic plates containing his father’s ashes. 119 Minutes, August 1st, 2008 (5:21 am–7:20 am), on the other hand, illustrates natural physical phenomena analysed in terms of their dynamic and formal qualities, in a mix of entropy and geometrical discipline. Visionary intuition and memory appear in turn and at whirlwind speed in Stettner’s work, creating a space of metaphysical tension that is built from the ground up and explores primary forms, everyday objects and dispersed emotions.
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