Kerstin Paillard

Kerstin Paillard

Kerstin Paillard was born 1977 in Paris, France and raised between Stockholm, Sweden and South of France. She lives and works between Nice, France and Stockholm, Sweden. Kerstin Paillard began painting at an early age, always attuned to the ways that colour and light merged with thought itself. She continuously refines and extends the traditions of lyrical abstraction. Experimenting the processes and the limits of the dry pastel, she brings together the immediacy of Abstract Expressionism and the overall consistency of form and process of the Colour Field Painting and the intuitive gesture of the Action Painting (Helen Frankenthaler, Rothko, Pollock). Since childhood, she has felt divided between the introspective, solitary culture of the vast Swedish landscapes and the more emotive character of the French and her artworks embodies this personal sense of ambivalence. Her abstract paintings are the expression of her fascination for colors and forms, skies and landscapes, the mysterious atmosphere of the North and the brightness of the South. In her early works from the 1990s, she started using dry pastels that she experienced and juxtaposed on different medias, with various densities and layers, repeating vertical gestures. These led to related colour fields works on linen canvas. To preserve the brightness and deepness of the pure pigments, and to heighten the effect of each colour, she developed a unique process of varnishing the pastels on the canvas by applying the mixture in many thin layers, in order to get a finish comparable to an oil painting.
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