Julius Nord

Julius Nord

Julius Nord is 25 years old and based in Linköping. He started painting through street art and graffiti which technique he today use combined with acrylics. After studies at Liljeholmens art school, he moved back to Linköping and opened Kulturhuset Framtiden. For the past years, Julius compares and explores dissimilarities in daily objects and its forms. Open spaces are set in opposition to areas of erasure. Often, his paintings are completed with a repetitive behavior that stems in graffiti and social medias. Thru this he can emphasis on the essential and deselect. Everyday monotony is used in new contexts and his paintings often stimulate an awareness of group identity and self-assurance. Julius navigates a visual language that bridges the figurative and the abstract. Since his first exhibition he has been presented around Sweden; group and solo shows, juried exhibitions and public painting.

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