Josefine Sara Andersson

Josefine Sara Andersson

I am 36 year old, born and raised in Sweden, now living in Copenhagen since 2008. My daytime job is within digital marketing and web. My goal is to work half time to be able to paint more. I will in 2018 exhibit my work at a Copenhagen gallery. I have been painting abstract art for five years. For me, a good colorcomposition as well as harmony is essential. I like to paint with different types of painting, to create an interesting depth and surface. At the moment I am focusing on mixing more types of paint. That will be seen in my future paintings. I paint for the joy it brings, to me, and to the owners of my paintings. I wish that you feel joy every time you see your painting. I believe art is all about the thoughts and feelings it generates. I will add approximately two pieces per moth on my page, from Januar 2018. Prices can be negotiated. I hope you appreciate my work Best/Josefine

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