Hannah-Molly Brown

Hannah-Molly Brown

My name is Hannah-Molly Brown. I work with concepts of empathy building through the process of craft. The end goal is to encourage people to think carefully about the disposable culture of modern western society. Inspired by historical and worldly relationships with craft, the concept hinges on a few main understandings of what craft is: Through making, people are able to connect to themselves and objects. Relationships are projected onto the ‘crafted’ object in a different way to a ‘bought’ object. Empowerment of human capabilities is a reminder of our natural state. Craft encompasses three facets of ‘utility’, ‘aesthetics’, and ‘community’. I work with accessible techniques to draw attention to the accessibility and multidimensional tool which craft can be. Inspired strongly by community building through craft, and how the relationships we have with objects change once we have a connection to the maker, I work with primarily with knitting, crochet and natural dyes.

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