Evelina Kollberg

Evelina Kollberg

Evelina Kollberg (b.1990) is a Stockholm based textile sculptor. She recently received her BFA from Konstfack in 2016 and was awarded The Public Attraction grant at Konstfack spring exhibition. Evelina Kollberg studied at Paris College of Art in 2014 as a Erasmus scholarship holder and she is currently ambassador for SAK UNG (The Swedish Association for Art). Evelina Kollberg is inspired by the human psyche and exhibited at Art in Case, with one of the three sculptures from what she calls The human series. The first sculpture in the series, The human trap, was showed at the spring exhibition at Konstfack in May 2016. The second sculpture, The human smog, was exhibited at the electronic music festival Into the Valley in July and the third, The human baggage, was exhibited at Helsinki-Malmi Airport, Art in Case. She is currently nominated as one of the scholorship holder of The Swedish Society of Crafts and Design and The human trap is on a exhibition tour (Stockholm furniture & light fair, Malmö Form/Design center, ArkDes, Storsjöyran).

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