Emanuele Muzio

Emanuele Muzio

Emanuele Muzio is an Italian artist, born in 1981 in Liguria, where he is currently based, and where he’s known as “the painter-fisherman”. Muzio’s work is now coming to Sweden for the first time, where two selected works, “Interstellar” and “Overdrive” will be shown at Takeaway group show at Galleri Duerr, in collaboration with SEART, with start on November 14th during Stockholm Gallery Weekend 2020. Muzio holds a bachelor at the University of Bologna in Drama, Art and Music Studies (DAMS). His artistic research spans from painting in mixed techniques to chalks, watercolors, ink to mixed media and photography. Inspiration from the early abstract painters is present in his work, together with psychedelia and an ongoing search for revealing emotions. His works are a challenge to rationality and the understandability of our consciousness, an attempt to feel in contrast to the ever-ongoing effort of the thinking mind. Beyond the absurdity of life, his works remind us that, despite all, there is a place where we can be happy – and life is worth being lived and celebrated. Nature and its colors are often present in his work, and the sea and the universe have a special place, being Muzio a modern version of Hemingway’s the old man and sea, working as a fisherman in the Ligurian sea, where he’s known as “The painter-fisherman”.

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