Cristiano Tassinari

Cristiano Tassinari

Cristiano Tassinari weaves an organic relation among his political vision, life experiences and concept of artistic theory. Moving through sculpture, video art and installation, Tassinari joins the “traditional” painting with an anonymous and generic sign production: he leads a process of deconstruction and reduction of the artistic creation, playing with conventions and mistakes. “Since the beginning of my work, I have passed through such schemes, aimed by the intentions to negotiate the reciprocal relations. Shifting from photo-paintings to some more conceptual pieces, simple writings or monochromatic ready-mades, I try to call the praxis of artistic creation into question.” Tassinari’s work reconfigure ideas about stark severity of modernist architecture just as much as by art history and reflect the discussions surrounding identity politics, the work also captured the fragility of human life and the profound beauty of everyday objects. But while appropriating and challenging these art-historical categories, Tassinari also maintained a curiosity and innocence about the creation of objects, undermines the classical notions of sculpture, re-inventing these well-known genres with new energy. The work reveals ambiguous relations and answers, shows the documentation of its self-generation, brings to attention simple daily wares like a reflecting surface, a neon light or sculptures. The (apparently) different paths bring to the same end, the intention of transferring private emotions to a public area, of spreading the awareness of the universal value of some topics, like death or human frailty.

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