Anna Afzelius-Alm

Anna Afzelius-Alm

My paintings are expressionist, often depicting abstract florals. I work with both oils and watercolours. My oil paintings are highly textural works that are stimulating and uplifting. My technique involves a heavy use of the palette knife to maintain the focus on color and texture. The resulting imagery is vibrant and playful splash of energy. In my watercolours, I play with the vibrancy of colors and the unpredictability of the medium itself to enhance positive energy. Combining traditional watercolour technique with pen and soft pastels allows me to do that. I was born in Minneapolis, USA in 1975, grew up in Germany and have lived in Switzerland, England, and China. Now, I work and live in Sigtuna, Sweden. I am a self-taught artist who enjoyed the mentoring experience from Exile Professor Shahab Mousavizadeh from Teheran University of Arts during my young, formative years in Bonn, Germany. I have been featured in the Emboss Magazine, Göteborgsposten, Bildkonstnären and local UNT, showcasing my work. I have exhibited in many cities in Sweden, in Berlin/Germany, Shanghai/China, Denmark, and in Miami/NYC/Texas in the USA. Read more about me my exhibitions and see more of my art on Please get in touch if you are curious to know more or to pop buy on a studio visit in Sigtuna.

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