Anette Flensburg

Anette Flensburg

Anette Harboe Flensburg is most famous for her monumental paintings of interiors. Designed as geometric patterns formed out of grids of vertical and horizontal lines, of light and shadow, Flensburg’s works communicate depth from the flat surface of the canvas. Flensburg uses those still, empty spaces to create a universe that is entirely her own, a universe she constructs by using photographs of miniature three-dimensional models. Her print projects allow the viewer to have a glance the backstage, into those models. Flensburg is considered one of Denmark’s foremost painters, with a great number of solo exhibitions on her CV. In 2008, she received the second prize of Carnegie Art Award, the most important art prize of the Nordic Region. She lives and works in Humlebæk, Denmark. During the spring of 2017, new Flensburg prints will be available at ed. art.

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