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Elisabeth Blennow Calälv of digital art start-up Ed, tells us which artists she is not leaving without seeing at Market Art Fair this weekend

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Apart from being the number one meeting-point for the Nordic art scene, Market Art Fair presents a great opportunity to see barely dried artworks by some of the most talked-about artists on the international arena. I’m curious to see the works of:

Polish/German artist Alicja Kwade. An artist preoccupied with time and space. Her sculptures often pick up details of everyday life, like the humming of a fluorescent tube, turning them into something poetic. Icelandic gallery i8 will be presenting her works.

Clare Woods at Martin Asbaek gallery. A gifted British painter, born 1972. Simple, everyday objects or grand landscapes, all filtered through the saturated, rich palette of the artist.

Jiri Georg Dokoupil at Susanne Ottesen. He has never developed one clear style, but experimented with techniques. The soap-bubble paintings, which are created by letting coloured or inked soap-bubbles burst on a primed canvas, are a well-turned-out combination of aesthetics, experimentation and concept. What might be in store now?

Danish/Vietnamese Danh Vo. An artist whose work is seen ”everywhere”. His sculpture ”We the people”, a copper replica of the Statue of Liberty, divided in approximately 300 sections that have now been spread to collections all over the world, is quite an astounding piece of art. Editions by Vo will be shown by Niels Borch Jensen.

Check out Ed. here.