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To demonstrate the benefits of art, here are a few examples on how art can amp up your sex life, according to Dazed and Conused contributor Virgin Mini.

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Are you hesitating to take your first steps into the art world? Understandable. Many people find it intimidating to visit galleries to buy art. Maybe your partner isn’t supportive of your decision to spend money on expensive paintings. Or perhaps you’re simply lacking the apitit for art. Whatever reasons are stopping you from indulging in the art world, I’ll argue some of the arguments of surrounding yourself with beautiful works. 

Just like music, art is a way of communicating. Similar to listening to a song, you’re interpreting a message through your own experiences and emotions. It can inspire, awaken and lift you up as well as unlock fears and hesitations. Art can connect us with parts of ourselves that we otherwise wouldn’t visit. 

Museum and chill

Are long hours in the office keeping you from getting laid? These days, most people are juggling an array of different things simultaneously. It can be difficult to get a decent amount of quality time with your partner whilst staying on good terms with your boss. And when you finally do get an hour off, there’s the laundry. And the unblocking the drain. And of course, nothing makes you feel as sexy as defrosting the fridge. However, studies show a trip to the museum decreases your stress levels and can lower your cortisol (stress hormones). According to neuroscientist Oshin Vartanian certain areas of the brain, such as where we activate pleasure and process emotion, are sparked when we look at art. Before quitting your job or jumping into couples therapy, how about a visit to a local gallery?

Paint your lover

This is a fun and adventurous way to create sensual art while being intimate together. The New York based artist Alexander Esguerra invites couples to have sex on a canvas while covered in paint, the end result being the art of love making. The idea is to use the body as a brush in an original exploration of human sexuality. Alexander’s experience is available for online purchasing, but you don’t have to spend $250 on a kit to get messy with your lover. Simply bring a brush and paint (make sure it’s non-toxic) to the bedroom and combine the pleasures of creating and making love. This simple DIY project is bound to spice things up.

Making art is fun!

Forget about Tinder

If single and ready to mingle, an art gallery is the perfect place to start. I know, when stepping in to an art gallery it’s easy to feel like an intruder in a private club. But remember, your brain is wired to process scenes and faces, you don’t need an art history degree to engage with, understand or appreciate an artists work. Art also has the incredible ability to remove barriers of backgrounds, age and culture to connect two on the surface seemingly different beings. Besides these very comforting and scientific facts, a potentially more relatable argument, is the free booze. The artworks are your ice breakers and the cheap wine to take the edge off - what better place to meet new friends and lovers?

Sexual exploration

It’s no news what a big role eroticism in art has played since the birth of humanity. From hedonism of the classical area to Indian Kama Sutra to current erotic artists on Instagram, the inspiration is endless. I.e. Roman sculptures, typically quite dramatic and expressive, can be wildly arousing. It’s no understatement that erotica played a big part in the life of the Romans, not only are most statues nude portraits, but plenty of them explore sexual boundaries and fetishes. Erect penises, bestiality and orgies - the romans and greeks can certainly serve as an inspiration to sexual exploration.

Statue of Pan, god of the wild.

Art can be tabu and provocative or refreshing and reinvigorating. Art can make you happy, sad, hungry or horny. Basically, art has a brilliant way of making you feel more and think differently. So how about ditching the uneventful Netflix and chill for a sensual body painting session. Or rescheduling a trip to the grannies for a night of gallery hopping. There’s plenty of opportunities to get inspired, don’t let them go to waste.