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The next generation of graphic design is dawning, says Dominic Rodgers

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In 1984 Apple Computer released the first ever commercially successful mainstream computer with a graphic user interface. The Macintosh changed the way we interact with computers completely. Steve Jobs often described the way that the people at Apple were musicians, poets, and artists who also happened to be the best computer scientists in the world. 30 years ago their artistic influence helped create the world changing computer platforms that set us on the path towards today’s smartphones and tablets. Today’s artist/ computer scientist hybrid is making the next step in graphic design.

In Tim Dickinson’s article ‘The poetry of code‘, he looks at code as an art form in itself, but a new collaboration between Google and London’s Barbican called Devart sets out to find and celebrate the leading developer artists using technology as inspiration. Applications closed a few weeks ago in time for an exhibition opening this summer where one creator’s work will sit alongside three of the world’s finest interactive artists who are also creating installations for DevArt: Karsten Schmidt, Zach Lieberman, and the duo Varvara Guljajeva and Mar Canet.

If you can’t wait until the summer then you can visit to see some amazing projects and learn about the creative process of the artists.