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Big names from the art world team up with Henzel Studio to create unique masterpieces

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Henzel Studio Collaborations is an ongoing programme with celebrated artists across disciplines.

Each piece is bespoke and handwoven with artisanal production techniques that date back centuries. The creative process with each artist was truly unique. Each had carte blanche to create designs within the production parameters at hand. Henzel Studio worked closely with each artist to define the right creative direction and also collaborated on the implementation of design applications and treatment, where functionality oftentimes was secondary.

The rugs are handmade in Nepal, using traditional artisan practices. There will be a second Volume, slated for launch in 2015, including another impressive group of artists.

We are proud to focus our attention on this innovative project. It goes to show that mixing disciplines and creating opportunities can draw strong names in the art world, like Helmut Lang and Richard Prince. It’s always exciting to see great passion, ambition, and inventiveness. Thanks for the inspiration!

They recently launched at Barneys in New York, below follows some of the installation shots.

Image 14

Left: Leo Gabin, Thirsty Thursday, 2013 Right: Scott Campbell, Lonely, 2013

Image 12

Left: Mickalene Thomas, Candy Crush, 2013 Right: assume vivid astro focus, ancient visions always frieze, 2013

Image 6

Jack Pierson, Automatic Drawing, 2013

Image 8

Richard Prince, 1-234-567-8910, 2013

Image 16

Linder, Linderama, 2014

Image 17

Left: Anselm Reyle, Untitled, 2013 Right: Marilyn Minter, Cracked Glass, 2013

Image 7

Robert Knoke, Bruce LaBruce (detail), 2014

Image 10

Helmut Lang, Untitled, 2013