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We are delighted to have worked with one of Sweden’s most sought-after jewellery designers, Maria Nilsdotter, who created the Artworks cover #003

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Artworks cover illustrations by Maria Nilsdotter

Artworks cover illustrations by Maria Nilsdotter

Last year she opened her first flagship store in Stockholm, which includes a studio where visitors can watch the jewellery being made. 

She calls her jewellery wearable art with a playful touch, inspired by a mysterious and dark fantasy world from folk tales and mythology.

Her most recent collection also draws inspiration from the historical architecture around Stockholm, but is interpreted through a gothic and romantic city of its own, with towers, pinnacles and gargoyles made into jewels.

What came first, the art or the jewellery?

“Always art first,” she says. “I start out with an idea of a concept that I develop in my sketchbooks.

I research and do a lot of drawing before actually starting the jewellery-making process. I think that’s so important, to have a thought behind your design. This is actually what the illustrations for Artworks are, samples from my sketch books.”

What’s behind some of the drawings on the cover?

“One of them is from my new collection called My Town, which is inspired by a dark and romantic city. This illustration focuses on the city silhouette and decorations on the buildings, like gargoyles that watch over the city. The other illustration is of a customised piece of jewellery I made. It’s a facetted raven’s head. I love ravens and often come back to this powerful bird in my designs.”

If you could wear any piece of art, what would it be?

I would wear a Mucha illustration, preferably one with a beautiful tiara in it, or a John Bauer illustration.

What other arts genres do you enjoy?

I enjoy most genres, but I’m most inspired by photography, sculpture and drawing.

Do you think the arts enrich society?

“Yes, of course. It’s important on so many levels. Could anyone doubt that?”

Check our her stuff here, or even a stronger experience, head down to to her boutique at Sturegatan 6 which is a piece of art in itself

Maria Nilsdotter graduated from London’s Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in 2007 with a BA in jewellery design.