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Let’s hear what hip DJ and actress Chelsea Leyland has got to say about creativity

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How important are brand collaborations for creativity?

I guess the more my business succeeds, the more these types of opportunities are presented to me. I believe I have achieved a lot through my sense of business and this allows me to collaborate with brands. Experience is important because it allows me to grow creatively and develop; you gain knowledge with every new experience, even through hardship – these are times when I believe we grow the most.

Should creative people be encouraged to learn business?

One hundred per cent; I think, if you want to succeed, it’s the way forward. You can be an extremely talented DJ, artist, designer or chef and, although you might be discovered through your talent, if you know how to conduct yourself and have business sense, you can help move yourself forward rather than waiting for a break. 

What project are you most looking forward to in 2016?

Last two year it was all about creating my own unique DJ headphones. This year, I am most excited about producing my own music.

Which arts and business partnerships have impressed you most?

A Hotel Life and Krug; Ryan McGinley Animals – I loved how all of the animals looked like the humans they were shot with; and Larry Clark conquering photography and directing.

Chelsea Leyland is a British-born DJ, model, and actress

Chelsea Leyland is a British-born DJ, model, and actress

What art fair or show would you like to DJ that you haven’t yet?

Basel in Switzerland. Every year I DJ many international events; I have played during Gallery Weekend in Berlin – so Basel Switzerland is top of my list. 

Do you have any charitable engagements?

I am DJing the Free Arts event in New York. Epilepsy is something very dear to my heart as my sister Tamsin is severely epileptic, so I would love to throw a massive event raising awareness for epilepsy, especially as it’s an illness that is often forgotten and misunderstood.

The arts can inspire people and business; how do you think business can inspire people and the arts?

I think you might wish to seek something in art that business does not give you. Perhaps you feel you work within a box that limits creativity; this may therefore speak loudly when choosing the art that surrounds you. They both need to co-exist for either one to be successful.