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Pontus Hammarén steps down as the director of Borås Konstmuseum after six years at the position. Artworks' Jenny Danielsson investigates his next move and asks about his favourite sculptures.

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Borås is a city renowned for its sculptures. Have you got a favourite?

Well, that's not an easy question to answer. There're a few sculptures that I'm fond of. I like Jim Dine’s “Walking to Borås”, also known as Pinoccio, and then I also like “Bodhi”, a meditation figure sticking its head up from the river Viskan. Another favourite is ”Vibrations” a superbly installed work by Xavier Veilhan. From every angle it looks like the horse and carriage is moving. I can't avoid mentioning Kajsa von Zeipel’s “Pose Plastique”. It’s so cool.

Which one of these I like the best changes from day to day. But they are all strong pieces that are hard to walk past without turning your head. Today my favourite is “Vibrations”.  

What’s special about the museum’s collection?

The collection is focussed around the local area, Sjuhärad. It features some beautiful works by Sixten Lundbohm, a painter born in 1895. There are also works by the bold contemporary painter Jarl Ingvarsson. Some of our signature works, that often go out on loan, are Anna Sjödahl’s “Springtime in Hallonbergen” (Vår i Hallonbergen) and “Princess Panic” by Kristina Abelli Elander and Gittan Jönsson. At the time of writing, the collection isn't available to look at online.

Looking back, was there any exhibition that was particularly fun to work on?

”Black Light” comes to mind, it was magical. Annika von Hausswolff and Freddie Wadling participated, among others. Freddie played at the opening too! The performance was amazing and it was a truly exciting exhibition.  

“The Dream Catcher” is another exhibition that was close to my heart. Christian Pontus Andersson and Ulrika Wärmling participated. But you know, there are so many other shows I could mention.

So your last day at work is August 31. What's next?

Eva Eriksson will take over as director of the museum. She's currently working at Varberg Konsthall. For my own part, I'm not completely sure what I'll be doing next.

Is there any exhibition in Sweden or abroad that you're looking forward to?

I am very much looking forward to Mare-Louise Ekman at Moderna Museet in Stockholm. I'm sure it will be very special.