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Alex Calderwood sadly died at the age of 47. Dominic Rodgers shares his expression of sympathy

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While our article by Malcolm Cossons ‘Total experience’ was being produced, Alex Calderwood sadly died aged 47. He was found in a room of the new ACE Hotel in London which he opened six weeks ago.

As the founder and chief executive of ACE Hotels, he was a trail blazer, visionary, and hugely popular among friends, colleagues and people he met through his numerous projects and ventures. He was legendary in the world of hotel hospitality and will have a lasting legacy.

A note on the ACE website is an example to every company: “ACE Hotel is a collection of individuals – multiple and inclusive, held together by an affinity for the soulful. We are not here to reinvent the hotel, but to readdress its conventions, to keep them fresh, energised, human.”

The ACE creative blog, which normally shares the work of artists, says: “Alex was our teacher, mentor, guru and most importantly our dear friend. We will miss him.” It is a distinctly non-corporate response to the shocking news, indicative of the environment he helped create – a business worthy of an artist.