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We asked Paul McCabe, art advisor, dealer and collector, some questions ahead of the opening of his show today

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What made you want to work in the arts?
From an early age I was obsessed with art, I started in my teens, it was more of a need than a want.

How did you set up in your own?
First went on my own in 1997 partnering with a talented American friend in Cape Town, then spent two years running a gallery in Miami. By 2002 I had enough loyal client relationships to go truly solo, I was lucky to meet great people to support my vision.

How does Stockholm differ from other markets?
There are some outstanding collectors here with international vision. Although the Stockholm market can be a little insular, but that seems to be changing fast.

What does it need to boost it?
Like with everywhere, the more communication and openness the better. The more people are educated about art, the more people to enjoy the language!

What lessons can artists and other arts professionals learn from the business world?
Educate your potential client about the product! 

What can they teach business?
Never compromise on your vision to suit the market. 

What have you learnt from artists?
Different things from different artists, the art world is a wonderful realm to exchange ideas with talented people.

How did you come to work with such big names?
A focus on quality, quality became the big names.

What would make it easier for arts and business to work together so both parties benefit?
An understanding that the approaches and intentions may be different, and embracing these differences and collaborating unconditionally leads to magical results.

What’s the most powerful experience you’ve ever had in the arts?
Seeing the Francis Bacon show at the Tate Britain 2008. The intensity of all his works together was incredible.

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