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The legend behind Tate Modern in London, and Moderna Museet in Stockholm answers some quick questions about the development of M+ in Hong Kong where is executive director

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Once opened, who would be the ultimate guest at M+?

I don’t think there is such a thing as an “ultimate guest”. We know that people come to museums for very different reasons and there is now extensive research into trying to categorise these reasons. From families with children coming as a learning experience, tourists coming because the museum is a “must-see” and the “pilgrim” who travels for a very special and unique experience, they are all welcome and we shall make sure they feel welcome. But a key aspect of this project is that we think about it as a project created for the people who live and work in Hong Kong primarily. The driver is not to make it a tourist attraction, but I think it will be, regardless.

If you had to work primarily in a different genre of the arts, which would it be?

Architecture, I think.

Table for four: who from the arts or business worlds, past and present, would you ask to join you at a dinner party?

I am sure I would like to change the guest list tomorrow, but how about Pontus Hulten, Miuccia Prada and Marcel Duchamp!

Which is the most unique and successful collaboration between the arts and business you’ve ever seen?

Difficult question actually. I fear there are not that many truly amazing examples. The Guggenheim Museum’s 15-year collaboration with Deutsche Bank for Deutsche Guggenheim in Berlin had some unique and impressive aspects.

What are three great pieces of music to listen to at a gallery or museum?

Bach’s Goldberg Variation, Arvo Part’s Spiegel im Spiegel and Steve Reich’s Music for 18 musicians. Don’t ask me why.

Which businesses would you like to create arts partnerships with in the future?

The computer game industry.

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