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Moderna Museet’s head of development tells us why neither Cindy Sherman or Kraftwerk are her ultimate guest

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Stockholm arts scene:

Stockholm has a vibrant art scene with many interesting artists, galleries and art institutions. But the city has to take care of its young talents and new initiatives, or they will move elsewhere.

Everybody has to be creative and work as entrepreneurs to be successful today, especially in the Arts and Business sector.
Ultimate guest at Moderna Museet:

One year ago I would have said Cindy Sherman or Kraftwerk, but they have already been here.
Which businesses would you like to create arts partnership with in the future:

A Swedish Bank, hello? All major international banks are doing it and find that it not only adds glamour and lustre to the brand, it shows that you are forward looking and part of the contemporary culture.
Perfect weekend activity in Stockholm:

When not visiting art exhibitions or watching my two sons playing basket ball, I enjoy lunch or coffee at Ulriksdals trädgård.