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Robert Norton of blockchain gives us a snapshot of his reading list

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1. The System of Objects: Jean Baudrillard

2. Form+Code in Design, Art, and Architecture: Chandler Casey Reas

3. Design as Art: Bruno Munari

4. Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Curating But Were Afraid to Ask: Hans Ulrich Obrist

5. Blood Meridia, or the Evening Redness in the West: Cormac McCarthy

6. The Signal and the Noise: The Art and Science of Prediction: Nate Silver

7. Who Owns The Future? Jaron Lanier

8. Winning the Story Wars: Why Those Who Tell and Live the Best Stories Will Rule the Future: Jonah Sachs

9. China’s Silent Army: The Pioneers, Traders, Fixers and Workers Who Are Remaking the World in Beijing’s

10. Image: Juan Pablo Cardenal and Heriberto Araújo