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Artworks’ editor in chief Dominic Rodgers explains the concept behind the chief arts officer campaign, and how it is developing

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Following successful meetings with blue-chip global companies and great interest from some smaller organisations, the campaign is building momentum. The idea has sparked interest in the press, which is pleasing. Several major publications have given constructive feedback, and we are poised and ready to release the concept into the wider community. There have also been the first steps towards developing partnerships with HR and recruitment consultants, among others.

So what challenges are we facing? We must now transform the idea and concept into action, and we need to build steps so companies can make the transition. Interest is coming from a range of organisations, of all sizes, with varying objectives, resources and business structures. Tailored solutions need to be developed for every potential CAO partner and the benefits need to be clear for each company. We now need to move from the generic to the bespoke.

As with any great challenge, the first thing we must do is remember our purpose: to bring the arts and business closer together for mutual benefit, and to enhance their contribution to society. This is a positive movement and our goal deserves to be achieved and celebrated. Those who join the campaign will benefit from it directly – and it will be fun.

In the spirit of this edition, which focuses on hospitality, we care and are going to show it. The concept is simple and the desire is strong. We want to help make society better for everybody through two of its most powerful channels: the arts and business. The two working together will help the arts thrive and make business more fulfilling, innovative, enjoyable and successful.

In the next edition we will focus on how people in the arts and business can benefit from the CAO campaign, and we will set out examples of structures. We can’t wait.