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It is natural that wine and art should be brought together and Artworks is proud to cover the collaboration between Masi Costasera Amarone and one of Sweden’s best loved artists Ernst Billgren.

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Culture is everything. It touches all that we do. It always has done. It is essential and integral. From agriculture to painting, all things have culture at their roots.

Ernst has created a beautiful painting of nature and the urban environment coming together, which has been adapted brilliantly for the label of a limited- edition wine, the Masi Costasera 1998, released on November 1, 2013.

“Since I have been given the honour of being first in this art project, I feel a responsibility for it to be as good as possible so that it sets a certain level for the project,” says Billgren. “I also like the connection between wine and art, and the thought of spreading culture in this way.” Billgren is the first artist to take part in the project, which will take place every two years. Once it has finished, he will nominate a young student to receive a Masi study bursary enabling them to go to Italy and get valuable experience in a leading centre of the arts, to support the next generation of culture.

The beautiful, smooth taste of the 1998 Costasera is a pleasure for all the senses with all the flavours and the complexity that you would expect of a mature Amarone. The deep and complex body has notes of dried fruit, fine cocoa and hints of mature vintage port.

The taste is dry, complex and rich, yet gives a full smell of raisins and chocolate, leaving a long aftertaste with a slight hint of smooth honey. Sit back, relax, and enjoy art and wine together.