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What better way to spend the last days of the holidays than catching up on Sweden’s best museum shows before the summer ends? Across the country museum shows offer something for everyone.

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Rich Landscapes
Roger Metto, Cryosphereat Bildmuseet, Umeå

Impressive mountain chains, deep valleys and roaring skies resembling nature, but far too abstract and imaginary than any exact study. Metto is a master of colour, working feely with the paint to capture fantasies of great adventurers. He captures the smallness of the human body, in relation to the vastness of nature. Metto was born in Kiruna, and today he resides in Stockholm. This display shows work which also reference his childhood memories growing up in the North. Metto is represented by Galleri Thomassen, Gothenbourg.
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Photography Illuminated 
Golden Sunset, Moderna Museet, Stockholm 
This is a display of the very latest in Swedish photographic art. All part of the museum’s phenomenal photography collection, dating back to the earliest works from the 1840s. Golden Sunset, a work by Julia Perione, is a recent addition to the collection. An image of a young woman wearing gold high heeled sandals. Perione is only one of the talented younger artists on display here. Among the stars are Miriam Bäckström, Tova Mozard and Eva Stenram. Artworks would be happy to connect you with any of these artists.   
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Recent Acquisitions
New artworks from the collection at Gothenburg Museum of Art, Gothenburg
A large-scale video installation by Jonas Dahlberg and a painting by Hannaleena Heiska are two works that have been added to the museum’s collection over the past three years. A collection is the backbone of a museum, and new acquisitions are a vital part of the development of the organisation. These new works are on display spread all over the museum, side by side with the permanent collection. Another recent is by Klas Eriksson, who has an ongoing solo show at Göteborgs Konsthall, located next door to the museum.
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Disputed Artworks 
Makode Linde at Vida Museum, Öland
In 2012, this Afro-Swedish artist experienced the power of the viral web. His controversial cake performance travelled around the world and gathered all kinds of reactions. Here is a comprehensive presentation of his works, including the Afromatics series, which the artist began in 2004. In this series, he paints black faces on Western cultural icons. This is an opportunity to engage with artworks made by one of the most discussed artists of our times, and to formulate your own opinion. Would you like to buy an original work or a print from his ongoing project Afromatics? Linde is represented by Galleri Agardh and Thorvall.
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Intertwined Materials
Textile Subtexts at Malmö Konstmuseum, Malmö
This is a playful and ambitious display of textile art from the 1960s until today. A must see show for anyone with an interest in the medium and in contemporary art. The list of artists is long, including Helen Billgren and Hannah Ryggen. This is an expanded version of the show that was on display at Marabouparken in Syndbyberg last year. Bella Rune, artist and Professor of Textiles at the University College of Arts, Crafts and Design has curated the show. She is represented by Magnus Karlsson Galleri.
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