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We asked Maria-Pia Hope, managing partner at Vinge, why the arts are relevant to a law firm

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In what ways is it evident that VINGEs arts engagements improve your own business performance?

This is evident in a number of ways; one is that it gives all of us working here a reason to open our eyes to something outside whatever project we are currently working on. It widens our horizons and allows us to think differently and more creatively when solving the individual challenges at hand.

We also get to know each other better through our art collection – sharing interpretations of the same piece of art is an excellent way of finding new sides to your colleagues.

Finally, it builds our brand. Vinge has led the way among professional services firms in Stockholm in understanding the benefits of art. Since the late 80s, we have built quite a unique collection of contemporary art.
In what ways is it evident that your arts engagements improve conditions for artist/arts organisations?

A new, very hands-on example is that throughout the year we let 3-4 young and up-and-coming artists use our reception area for a mini-exhibition in collaboration with galleries, where their work gets exposed to all our visitors and where it is also possible to buy the pieces displayed. In addition, we would certainly hope that our long support of both Moderna Museet and the art fair MARKET has improved conditions for both arts organisations and artists themselves.
Apart from financial support, how can businesses help the arts?

Besides financial support, one way of helping is to share expertise and knowledge from your own field of work (in our case giving legal advice) and yet another way is to give access to new networks. Vinge works in all three areas.
How is technology innovation influencing or changing MARKET art fair?

If by this you mean technology in terms of new materials, it is clear that artists are quite early adopters and start using new technologies as they develop. Art is no longer merely oil on canvas. If you on the other hand think about technology innovation as new means of experiencing art, I am still an old-schooler in that sense – for me first-hand impression is what counts and lasts.
What are your favourite arts organisations in the Nordic Region?

First of all I want to give some credit to the gallerists, they do tremendous work. Not surprisingly, I favour corporations that value art, so I have to mention Bonniers Konsthall. And then, of course, MARKET!
What is missing from the arts landscape in the Nordic countries?

I can mainly speak for the Swedish scene, but I do miss: 

A new opera house in Stockholm

A venue for sculpture, especially in Stockholm. In southern Sweden there’s Wanås but since Marabou reshuffled their sculptural park there’s not that much in the Stockholm area. The home of sculpture artist Carl Milles is a great place to visit, but that’s a museum devoted to one artist.

Corporations taking a greater part on the arts scene – engaging, acquiring, collecting.