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Artworks met with the artist duo and the married couple, Oscar and Tessan Merner, practically in the gate at Arlanda airport before they jetted off to London to exhibit new work at The Other Art Fair organised by Saatchi Art. Their work is colourful and often abstract.

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You two work together, a new constellation or do you go way back? How do you disagree love and work?

Art was part of our professional lives before we met. One day, we just thought that it would be fun to mix and match our individual work, and so we did! Nowadays we create most stuff together and it gives us much more satisfaction and laugh.

We share the same views and perspectives which naturally help us to function together.

But let’s face it, it’s not always easy and there are certainly moments when we fail to agree (laughs). In the end though, we’ve learnt to see that our discussions help us to adapt and progress.

What is your work process like? Do you have a clear role description and who-does-what?

Well, no clear role distributions... it varies. But one thing is always set. We both have to be completely happy with the work before we consider it done. 

In terms of the work process, we are synced. We normally start off with an idea that we discuss in detail. We outline, illustrate or share material. As the initial idea evolves we often see something else unfolding

Who decides when a work is done?

As we touched upon, we both need to agree, it is very important. Some of the work is still to this day, yet to be considered finished. Instead we set them aside, sometimes for a very long period, before we dare to go back to elaborate further.

So where do we find your art if you want to buy something?

Everything is available on our website:, or Instagram. We are also available at

We regularly take part in exhibitions, and besides, we rent and sell plenty of art to businesses.

Ahhh… not on Artworks?

Soon, they both respond in choir, heheh (Editor's note: yeah right!)

Talking about choir… Oscar, you are also writing music. What are the similarities in the creation of music and art?

There are many similarities and parallels. But I find it hard to put words to it. To me, it is the so-called "aha moment" - the moment or instant when I am able to look myself in the mirror and smile as a result of the outcome. I love that!

Have you written hits like Shellback and Avicii?

Well, I do not know what you would consider a hit, but I've written for Kelly Clarkson, Isa and a few Asian artists that turned out pretty well.

Tessan, you are a trained graphic designer. We can see the connection to art but we are curious to hear which “profession” is the most fun?

Difficult one, I'm glad that I don’t have to choose but the art is probably less controlled. Most often with graphics, there are elements and guidelines to stay within. Sorry, but I am equally excited about the two.

Okay so you are off to London now. What can you tell us? 

Yes, we are off to London to exhibit at The other Art Fair hosted by Saatchi Art. The fair is for emerging artists, with or without gallery representation. For us personally it’s a perfect platform to meet peers as well as other participating galleries and industry people. 

Back again in Stockholm you are almost directly taking part in an art expo organised by the company Kaplan. We love the idea of lifting great art to all environments and channels, what is your take on that?

We certainly agree. We love the idea to showcase our work in relaxed and warm environments. More accessible to people who do not visit galleries or follow the art world in general.  

Often it’s be easier for a person to find the right painting or sculpture when they see it in a  familiar setting - above a couch or in standing in bookcase for instance.

Clearly you are busy as a bees... Do you have customers around the world? Or is Sweden the main market?

Hahah yes, busy as bees, but we think it is great fun. Our main market is without a doubt Sweden, but we have stuff going on across Europe as well. We have exhibited in Switzerland, France and England and look forward to put our art on display wherever people would like to see it.

And so the plane announcent departuer and the couple rushed off to a few days of hard work in London.